Waterproof Flooring

Once just a fanciful dream, waterproof flooring is now here, and here for good. With the lion's share of market sales, it's obvious that this is everyone's new favorite floor! And why not? With many lines sporting characteristics such as anti-microbial surfaces, the ability to survive flood conditions, extreme durability, and high-definition visuals that are often indistinguishable from real hardwood, it's easy to see why so many experts recommend it.

Not only that, waterproof flooring is easier to clean, shock absorbent, for your back or knees, quieter than laminate and tile, and handles pets better than tile due to a lack of grout. The price of installation is much less than tile, but it can be just as long lasting. This makes it a more affordable choice for any home, even rentals.

Here is a list of our waterproof flooring suppliers:

IMPERMA WOOD hardwood floors are made from the finest American & European sliced face veneers including: American Hickory, Hard Maple, Black Walnut and European White Oak.

Our proprietary manufacturing process and XRP rigid core give IMPERMA WOOD floors the ability to resist the most extreme conditions, including being fully immersed underwater without damage!

Southland Floors, Inc. is a full service floor covering distributor providing an extensive selection of residential and commercial flooring since 1974.

SFI is the exclusive importer of Inhaus' premium waterproof floors, as well as a private Berry Alloc collection that can't be purchased anywhere else.

Ever since our inception in 1998, Hallmark Floors continues to be driven by our love for wood and our passion for developing, producing and offering the most beautiful, smart and innovative flooring.

Our relentless work and developments of our flooring collections have made us one of the fastest growing wood flooring companies on the market, and we are pleased and proud to offer you over 100 uniquely designed hardwood and waterproof floors.

19 Structure Corp. is the exclusive distributor of the Kromitex brand of flooring products.

Their waterproof floors are high quality with an entry level price, driving consumers to choose this brand over others more often.

Boone Distributors bring us the exclusive SkyCity enhanced vinyl plank lines of flooring. Partnered with Shaw to create superior waterproof floors, Boone proudly distributes these floors throughout Florida with an eye for style and a mind toward durability.

Many a designer will specifically request or demand the Tesoro brand for their project. Their products are superior quality, utilize the most current generation technologies, and are crafted to enhance the beauty of any home with unique and breathtaking designs.

Within the Tesoro Collection, we have Luxwood, a commercial strength, double reinforced waterproof floor made with advanced SPC technologies.

Firmfit floors, distributed throughout Florida exclusively by JJ Haines, are in a class all their own. They're the only waterproof floor on the market that boasts extreme durability testing under sunlight and UV rays, and offer an industry leading warranty to match those claims.

LW Flooring is committed to providing engineered hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl planks and moldings of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in offering premium quality products through an environmentally friendly production process. Our corporate philosophy embraces social responsibility. Our Eco-Friendly product design utilizes sustainable materials.