Labor Rates

Compare the Pelican Experience, with the rest:

'Most other places'

  • Don't advertise labor rates unless it is a sale.
  • Don't break down labor charges on an estimate.
  • Don't mention possible hidden costs.

'Pelican Floors'

  • Publicly posts labor rates for everyone to see.
  • Line-item pricing.
  • Always tries to let people know what possible hidden costs may arise so they can prepare for any eventualities.

Just about every flooring store out there, including big box, operate the same way.

Pelican Floors believes differently.

We make it easy to calculate costs, and when you consider the value of a flooring project, you deserve nothing less! No gimmicks, no runarounds, no hassle. That's what we call transparency.

Pelican Floors Labor Guide, broken down by category:

  • Carpet
  • locking
  • hardwood
  • Tile
  • miscellaneous




Installation (Stretch or Direct Glue)


Minimum Service Call


Stair Upcharge


Landing Upcharge


Stringer Board Charge


Patterned Upcharge


Wool or Natural Fiber Upcharge






Doorway Transition


Tack Strip Nailed


Tack Strip Drilled or Glued


Tack Strip R/R


Binding (Base Rate)


Binding (Edge Rate)