Modern day laminate floors are very different than the laminates of the late 90's and early 00's. Today, the more premium laminates offer one of the most impact resistant surfaces, along with a topside moisture protective coating to give you added insurance against spills and accidents. Long gone are the tacky, cheaply made faux panels of yesterday. Instead, expect to find realistic wood visuals, beveled edging, characteristics such as high definition texturing, and a few unexpected elements mixed in to provide a truly modern, yet ageless visual.

Here is a list of our laminate flooring suppliers:

Southland Floors, Inc. is a full service floor covering distributor providing an extensive selection of residential and commercial flooring since 1974.

SFI is the exclusive importer of Inhaus' German manufactured premium laminate floors.

19 Structure Corp. is the exclusive distributor of the Kromitex brand of flooring products. ​

Their laminates are high-calibur, and top down moisture resistant to keep up with the family that's always on-the-go.