Hardwood flooring is a luxurious and time honored tradition. Styles range from contemporary, rustic, reclaimed, to cottage, coastal, and urban. The natural beauty of hardwoods rises above the current flavor of the month, giving you a truly fad-proof floor that will be as eye catching in thirty years as it is today.

Here is a list of our hardwood flooring suppliers:

90 years ago, in 1929, Panaget began manufacturing wood flooring in Bourgbarré, near Rennes in Brittanny, France. Over the decades, its passion for wood and industrial manufacture grew together, without ever compromising its artisan expertise.Today and for the future, the company works hard to maintain its position as the leading French manufacturer of wooden floor.

Home interior design begins with the floor. The floor is your blank canvas and it determines every design decision you’ll make once it’s down.

These premium, American-made hardwood flooring styles are designed to be unique and offer the highest level of quality available. Made using all-American hardwood construction for superior durability and stability, this wood is dent resistant and can be installed over most sub-floors, including direct glue-down and concrete slabs.

Ever since our inception in 1998, Hallmark Floors continues to be driven by our love for wood and our passion for developing, producing and offering the most beautiful, smart and innovative flooring.

Handcrafted in small batches by professional hardwood craftsmen, our wood floor collections are developed and designed to enhance the beauty of all types of homes and interiors, from cozy and traditional to cool and contemporary living.

Teragren’s revolutionary Xcora strand bamboo flooring averages 160% harder than red oak. These floors offer hardness, durability and stability that are perfect for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

Our original style known as the PureForm line is still popular today. Solid PureForm Bamboo averages 40% harder than red oak, these floors are a great fit for a family or an office.

At Ascend Floors we work tirelessly to bring you the most sought after hardwood floors available today. Our buyers travel all over the world looking for species and colors that will add that personal unique touch to your home and speak to your personal lifestyle.

All wood floors are not created equal even though nearly all manufacturers use the same basic species of woods to produce their products. What separates Ascend Floors are our stunning colors and surface visuals. Rather than copy, we create new looks and colors that will enhance the look of any home.

Our mission at Forest Accents is to offer uniqueness and options in hardwood flooring. While that might seem simple in theory, a hardwood floor should be so much more than a flooring surface. It is a means to express yourself (like an artist) to present your specific design statement. Your canvas should start here with Forest Accents because we offer so many options to assist you in your masterpiece. Our hardwoods were chosen for their striking radiant colors and handsome graining and will reflect your taste, your spirit and your style. Choose from our textured floors, domestic smooth floors or exotic smooth floors.

At HF Design, we believe that true quality flooring should incorporate style and sustainability while encompassing the durability and artistry that consumers trust. Manufacturing and designing luxury flooring with integrity has always been at the heart of our core mission and corporate commitment. With a solid reputation of being the leading manufacturer of quality flooring in North America, we are dedicated to providing our customers with ethically sourced and consciously crafted flooring. Our distinctive collections of residential and commercial flooring adhere to above market standards.