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Choosing the Right Floor for You

Remodeling your home can be an exciting experience as a homeowner. Giving your living space an update whether its a set of new kitchen appliances, renovating your bathroom to get that look you know you’ll love, or remodeling your floors to give a room or even your whole home a new look is an exciting experience! Our flooring and cabinet installation experts are ready to lend a helping hand in this new exciting experience. We can even install new flooring on your stairs. Call or contact us today to book an appointment or get a quote today. Look to us for helping in your next home renovation!

What not Wood Flooring?

Stacks of wood showing different finishes against already installed wood flooring

Wood flooring helps give an elegant look to your house due to the lamination and color options you choose. Hardwood floors aren’t just good to look at, they offer durability, overall value to your home, and very little maintenance! An added benefit is that it is you can refinish the floor to change the color in case you don’t like the initial color of the floor. Be careful when washing the floor, using too much water can damage your wood flooring.

Why Choose Tile Flooring?

Tile flooring a very reliable choice when selecting your next flooring option for your home. With tile flooring being durable and cost-effective no wonder many homeowners go with tile flooring. You can even use custom designs in your flooring, but changing the design can lead to needing an entire new floor to be installed!  This option needs less caution when cleaning unlike wood floors because using water is not an issue and you don’t need specific cleaning products when you are cleaning your floor. Tile floors as a whole have a good resale value when you start to think about moving or making a home renovation.

Let’s Talk About Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is a popular choice among homeowners. They are soft and full of aesthetic appeal, being able to choose from an almost unlimited amount of options, and with almost minimal amount of effort makes carpet a good option. As opposed to the “hard floors” (i.e. tile and wood flooring) carpet flooring offers the added benefit of being able to absorb spills as if giving slip and fall protection. Cleaning carpets can be easy or difficult depending on what needs to be cleaned. They are easy to stain and will need specific products to clean those stains, but general cleaning requires vacuuming rather than sweeping and mopping. You can even spot clean any places on the floor you deem necessary to clean which can make cleaning carpets arguably the easiest and fastest to do provided the circumstances.

Vinyl and Waterproof Flooring

Vinyl and Waterproof flooring go hand and hand. They both offer waterproof capabilities, waterproof floors are the latest in flooring technology. Our waterproof flooring is stronger, more scratch-resistant, and longer-lasting than vinyl flooring. Our waterproof flooring also doesn’t contain harmful additives like some vinyl flooring in the market. They offer the shock absorbency of carpet along with the durability and reliability of tile, without the grout. No need to worry about locating spills or where that weird odor is coming from because your pet had an accident anymore!

Each of these options has its pros and cons so it is up to you, the homeowner, to make the decision. Do you see yourself getting a home renovation soon? Any funny construction stories? Leave a comment down below! Look at including our services in your next home renovation! Reach out to us for all of your flooring and cabinet installation needs! You can contact us online or call us at (321) 419-3500. Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

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