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Flooring is an investment.

How are you supposed to know the difference between good or poor quality? What about price? Sometimes, what should be a fun and happy time, can instead be really nerve-racking!

We understand these are serious considerations, and our goal is to navigate the process together with you. You deserve the opportunity to shop at a store where the staff are educated, and have the heart of a teacher. Labor prices should be easy to find, like you would see here. Whether you need a designer, or just a second opinion, you’ll find that the process of selecting a new floor can be not only easy, but exciting as well.

Pelican Floors is a special place, alone among its peers. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of some of the best floors on the market, at similar or less prices than other stores. For your project we’ll dedicate a phenomenal team of craftsmen that know exactly how to work in a home with a family, and ease the burden of having a remodel.

Flooring is an investment.


Our family goes back two generations of flooring installers. Before I turned 18 I began helping my father on his job sites and studied everything I could get my hands on. Before cellphones, gps, and computers with internet were commonplace, I would gather every warranty document, installation spec, or any other scrap of information that could be provided as I strove to become an expert in the various flooring types.

As the years went by, and I got more and more experience under my belt, I’d attend continuing training sessions hosted by manufacturers, joined certifying organizations, and anything else that could help me grow and hone my skills.

Over the past two and half decades I’ve helped train dozens of individuals who later went on to become flooring installers themselves. Many of them are still in the business today.

In 2011 I took a position managing a flooring workroom for one of the big box stores in Florida. I took charge over dozens of installers and oversaw their operations over a multi-county area. A few years later, I married my beautiful wife, Kirsten, and she was interested in joining with the same company, thus becoming my partner and teammate at work, as well as at home.

She and I both continued to educate ourselves and grow together in our knowledge of the industry.

This was very helpful, because the operations of the box store were undergoing a change a short time later, and our positions were going to be eliminated. It was then, that we took our contacts with manufacturers and we began our first sales operations.

During all of this, we knew we could do one thing better than anyone, service. Service would entail knowledge and personal attention, two qualities we have in spades. It was this ethic that would forever separate us from other stores, being able to give a better product, and a better experience as a whole.

Image Left: Kirsten and Zach spending a day at the Cape.


We opened our new company, and started up in a warehouse to store the flooring we were selling. In the earlier days, we sold products via internet ads and appointments, since we didn’t have a store. Then, we pulled in the very best of the installers we had worked with over the years. Since we were a smaller family company, and in a more intimate setting, it provided an ideal work environment as opposed to the box stores where an installer is sometimes “just a number.”

It wasn’t soon after our warehouse opened, and our business was growing, that we found the perfect storefront in Viera, FL. The installers were thrilled we found such a central location, it would be easy to reach the entire county from there.

We immediately got to work curating a collection of floors that we would sell in our store. Starting with a 12 point criteria system for how we would qualify a good floor vs. an average or poor product, we scoured every informative resource we had.

Today, we have a collection of the best floor coverings we can find. (We can even quote you the specs to prove it!) Though we don’t sell the nonsense products you’ll find at some of the larger box stores, we try very hard to keep our prices in line. As we continue to grow as a business, we diligently invest time and resources into bettering ourselves, and our product lines. This ensures that when it comes to you and your needs, we will always have you covered. (pun intended)

Image Right: Steven and Sergio working on sanding and staining stair treads for a customer.


Kirsten Murray “Owner”


Kirsten spends her days between the warehouse and the store, making sure operations are running smoothly and customers are receiving the attention they deserve. In her off time, she’s learning about new flooring technologies, studying where the industry is heading, or reading current design trends worldwide.

With an eye for upcoming trends in flooring, she’s often able to help steer her clients towards a more fashion-forward floor; something that will remain beautiful and timeless as the years go by. What’s more, due to her extensive product knowledge, she’s able to help find more durable solutions than people often realize exist.

Be sure to say hello to Kirsten when you visit Pelican Floors, and see why so many people rely upon Kirsten’s expertise and discerning eye to find the perfect new floor for their home.

The favorite part of my day is helping a customer realize their dream project, and seeing the smile on their face when the project is complete.

Get in touch with us! If we're known for one thing above all else, it's outstanding customer support. Let us show you just how helpful we can be.